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Welcome to Ace of Brains!

Our Philosophy: Empowering the players 

Here at Ace of Brains we believe fun should be free, especially at a time when we give away so much already.

With companies making millions by analyzing everything we do and share on social media, we decided to launch a site that does what every other site out there should do: empower the players.

You, the players, deserve more. You are not cows to be milked – you are users who deserve respect and the right to have even if you do not have a credit card.

Every single page on this site is built to give you an edge over those operators that try to make money off your free time and your passion for online games. 

We give you free coins, free spins, new bonuses, and new promo codes every day so that you can do what you like and keep your bank account perfectly safe.

Is This Legal?

Ace of Brains is a legit and legal website that will never suggest you anything that isn’t. This is what makes us unique.

We are not after the cheap hacks that give you the illusion to be smarter than anyone else or the tricks that help you steal from others. We don’t like when people take our money at leas as much as we don’t like when people try to steal money from others.

We will never suggest anything that isn’t legal or that doesn’t comply with each and every game’s terms and conditions. We are in it for the long term and, believe us, we are damn smart.

Our programmers / hackers Skarzellaz, Montinjelliz, and Dambrauskas are the ones behind most of the amazing stuff you find on this site. They created scrapers that can find all the bonuses available on the internet exactly as soon as those are launched.

We do not own any of the generators or the links we advertise here. We only do a MASSIVE job for you: we find links on other sites so you can find everything you need on our site.

They have created applications that look for expiring offers, forgotten bonus codes, and abandoned landing pages to make sure you can always get the best offers available at any given moment.

Like all the other members of our crew, they do this for free so, please, don’t be mad at them if sometimes they don’t reply to your messages in real-time.

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