Willy Wonka slots: Free Credits Best Tricks

willy wonka slots free credits

What coins are the best?

Willy Wonka slots' free coins are. Of course!

To help you never run out of coins, we have prepared a useful Willy Wonka slots free credits strategy. Use it and you will have no trouble accumulating 100 million free coins in less than a week. Easy.

How to Start Winning at Willy Wonka

willy wonka slotsPlaying slots on your mobile is a roller-coaster. Just check the App Store reviews. The winners will praise it to be the world's best casino app, while the losers will claim that the casino is tinkering with slots payouts to force players to lose.

None of it is true. Luck is always a big factor. However, your playstyle is the key. Especially at Willy Wonka, where you get millions of coins every couple of hours.

Let's break this down.

  1. You receive 10 million Willy Wonka slots free credits to start.
  2. Add 3.5 million thanks to the garden tutorial (we'll get to it).
  3. You can signup for Loyalty Lounge for another 12 million extra coins. Plus, every time you level up, you get another 350.000 free coins.

With so many coins, why wouldn't you go wild? Maximize all bets, splash here, splash there.

But new levels become harder to reach, new games require you to up your bets. Playing lavishly like every day is your first day is not sustainable.

Those who don't get that end up leaving those angry reviews about rigged casino games.

Do you want to know how to get 11 million+ Willy Wonka slots free coins DAILY?

Here it is.

Running Your Oompa Loompa Garden as SpaceX

You know how other casinos offer hourly bonuses. Willy Wonka slots are doing it differently. In my opinion, they are doing it much better.

In essence, you are managing a free coin farm. The more plants you have, the more coins per second you earn.

Willy Wonka garden

Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa Garden is by far the best coin source you will ever have.

Your earning also is influenced by the type of plants you plant and their level. When you begin, your earning cap will be 3.5 million in Willy Wonka slots free credits (which will take about two hours to fill up), but as you go up the levels, the cap will also grow.

To maximize your earnings, imagine you are running a business. Here’s a simple strategy to follow.

  • Check when your cap fills up and dedicate multiple ‘harvest times' during the day. Between random visits, claiming overnight coins you can easily accumulate 15 million coins in Willy Wonka slots free credit every day.

As the cap grows, earning will only become faster and easier.

  • Plants have names, rarity, and a paytable. Names are long and difficult. Feel free to pay no attention to it. However, rarity and yield are important.

If level 1 plant would produce 20 coins per second, level 2 would increase the output to 24 coins, Level 3 could produce 27, etc. However, even a Level 1 three-star plan grows 30 coins per second.

  • Fill spots with plants ASAP. Any plants.

willy wonka slots chestAs a new player, you will have 4 free spots. Use them all as soon as you can. Later you will draw new plants from chests.

Old plants can be uprooted for higher-tier plants to take their place.

Plant O Matic

Once your high-tier (3-star, 4-star) plants are occupying the spots, what do you do with the lower tier plants? You use Plant-O-Matic (icon on the left).

Here you can use plants you don't need to unlock new chests..

The best strategy is to wait until you have enough plants to unlock the highest tier chest.


Sugar (next to Plant-O-Matic) comes from Chests and gameplay. Its purpose is to speed up coin production on one of your plants.

Here timing is essential. If you are close to leveling up, do that first, then use a Sugar boost.


Follow seasons (around 100 days each). At the end of each season, there will be massive giveaways. Giveaways will depend on many factors including your plants. You don't want to miss it.

More Tips to Win at Willy Wonka Slots

The game is full of surprises. there are so many features you need to discover. So, here we simply made a collection of the best tips to accumulate Willy Wonka slots free credits.


Trophies are rewards for various achievements. Minor milestones (playing your first slot) as well as some big ones. Some of which will ask you to play for a year!

For example, if you play Willy Wonka Slots for 60 days in a row, you get 6 million free coins. Play for 365 days in a row and get 12 million coins.

Tip: Best slots for trophies are Hit it Rich and Wizard of Oz.

Use Perks

With Perks you can redeem special promo codes to claim more Willy Wonka slots free credits.

 willy wonka slots perks


You already know that Loyalty Lounge is worth 12 million coins. Another  9 million can be earned by connecting a Facebook account. Plus, that enables players to share gifts and coins.

Play Low

Minimum is 100,000 per spin. Stay on this level until you have at least 100 million coins.

Explore the worlds

But don't rush it. As you level up, you unlock new games and new worlds. New games are fantastic, but never put your bankroll at risk to get to the games faster. It's not worth it!

Take a break while you earn coins

willy wonka slots free coinsYou are playing Willy Wonka slots because you liked the movie. When you are down on your luck, switch games. Let the Oompa Looma garden grow your free coins while you play Wonka’s World of Candy – Match 3 game.

You know that we only scratched the surface here, right? We haven't even talked about tournaments and so many other unique features. We'll leave it for you to discover.

Enjoy the game and let us know your favorite features.

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