Viva Slots Vegas Casino: Free Credits | Mega Win!

Viva Slots Vegas Casino

Welcome to Viva Slots Vegas Casino

Rocket SpeedViva Slots Vegas Casino, developed by Rocket Speed, is a fast-growing casino for your desktop or mobile pleasure. They are taking the best industry practices and putting in their own unique spin. All that to provide its players with the best Vegas experience.

Here you can play completely free and never risk any of your own money.

The supply of chips is steady!

Great started

Viva Slots Vegas Daily BonusRocket Speed already operates several casino apps. So, when the time came for Viva Slots Vegas, the developers focused solely on the classic Las Vegas slots to capture the best experience. Even if you haven’t been to Las Vegas before, you will feel right at home.

But on the same note, the casino does not have any 5-reel slots or table games like poker, roulette, blackjack, or baccarat. Which may be slightly disappointing for some, but as we mentioned, Rocket Speed has other casino apps with every game imaginable.

Viva Slots Free Credits

To get Viva slots free credits, you only need to register. It’s that simple.

The way it works makes you and all the other players to get 10,000 starting coins. You will get much more through a myriad of other simple tasks and quick challenges.

Logged in every couple of hours?

Here are your free chips.


Played two different slots machines?

Viva Slots Vegas Casino unlockedYou did, congratulations! Your free coins are in your account.

Well, you probably know how it goes. And if you want more chips, whether it’s just a bit or a virtually unlimited pile of coins, you can purchase coins directly on the app. But you don’t have to. These coins don’t transfer to real money at any point.

Besides, read the reviews on the app store and you will see just how generous Viva Slots really are.

Viva Slots Vegas Casino also has a newsletter. If you leave them your email, they will send you even more free chips offers.

Warning: Some challenges will require patience. But usually the reward is worth any trouble.

Viva Slots Mega Win

The main problem with Viva Slots approach to casino games is that 3-reel slots are not usually visually stunning. If we go further, we also must agree that classic slots can become quite monotonic over time.

So, what do you do as a casino? You’ve got 100 classic Vegas slots and have to use your resources to make sure players don’t run away after the first day?

Viva Slots Vegas level upThe answer is Viva Slots Mega Win.

Viva Slots Vegas Casino understood their main problem. To solve it, they developed a MEGA WIN program. Even though it sounds like one, it’s not a traditional VIP Rewards ladder. Rather, by implementing special features from modern slots, utilizing the colorful world of jackpots, and combining the two Viva Slots managed to make 3-reel slots a thousand times more exciting.

Here you don’t play for pennies. Not only every slots machine has a lucrative jackpot, some of the progressive jackpots exceed 10 million coins. And some games have multiple jackpots.

Download and Play Anywhere

Take Viva Slots Vegas Casino wherever you go. Unlike every other online casino, the fun doesn’t stop when you go offline. You can download Viva Slots Vegas games to your Android or iOS phone and take it on the road.

And while we’re talking apps, we’re really hoping they are developing a Windows phone app. Because Android and iOS versions are beautiful and smooth.


What’s the Verdict?

Viva Slots Vegas Casino is really, really fun. The quality of service is stupendous.

And it’s not one of those casinos that shy away from rewarding their players. You will see yourself that Viva Slots is giving, and giving, and giving.

The only concern is their games. Classic Vegas slots is a narrow niche. They did a lot to gamify the whole experience and upgraded some slots to offer something unique. But in the end of the day, these are still 3-reel, often 1-payline slots.

So, we’ll say this. If you are not the biggest classic slots fan in the universe, Viva Slots Vegas will be a brilliant side casino.

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