Slots Era Free Coins Step by Step Guide

Slots Era

Slots Era is a brand new casino brought to you by Murka Entertainment. We’ve made a step by step guide to help you make the best opportunities to get free chips.

  • Slots Era starting bankroll – 12 million coins and
  • Slots Era – learn best coin hacks.
  • Download Slots Era and play on Android or iOS, as well as Facebook.

Step by step may not be the best way to describe casino. There is a lot of luck involved in the game, which may force you to make adjustments.

But at least the first steps at the Slots Era Casino are simple. There is an epic adventure that’s waiting for you, so let’s get started.

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Slots Era – First Steps

When you first join Slots Era, the casino will be holding you by the hand. In short, this is a casino where you play slots to complete quests, and complete quests to unlock more slots.

Pretty straightforward, isn't it?

Slots Era Cleopatra in love

During the first few Steps you will get to play the first slot, Cleopatra in Love and complete three quests:

  1. Spin three times
  2. Play MAX bet 10 times
  3. Play FREE MAX bet 1 minute.

Slots Era The LionheartAs the Quest No. 5, you will unlock a new slot, the Lionheart.

Note that most of your big wins will be feature wins. Actual in-game payouts are not that significant. So, play accordingly. If you must spin 20 times, consider whether it is worth it doing it with big bets. If the free slots rounds before haven’t paid that much, or the game is new, play small bets.

It is always a good strategy to focus on protecting your bankroll rather than hoping for a big win.

Next step is boosting your bankroll.

  • Visit Daily Challenges and see how you are doing in your journey to the daily 2.5 million coins. Every day five completed tasks award you with coins and gems.
  • Collect Hourly Bonuses
    You must spin free slots for 30 seconds. Everything you win is yours. There are options to spend gems and upgrade points to win. Is it worth it? It depends on what kind of a player you are. But if you don’t want to spend precious cash on such upgrades, you’ll have plenty of coin opportunities without it.

Slots Era Free Hourly Bonus

  • Facebook gifts
    If you have a Facebook account, it might be a good time to use it to connect to Slots Era. That’s one of the easiest ways to get additional six million coins as well as 20 Gems.
  • Unlocking more quests
    At this point, you will have collected most of the bonuses available. So, best now it would be just to pick a slot machine and enjoy your experience.

You’ll complete a couple of quests and, before you know it, you'll be offered 10 million and 20 gems to leave an app review.

Also, if you continue to play, you’ll soon unlock more free casino slot machines at Slots Era. Next is called The Mighty Sword Slot and unlocks at level 13.

By the way, if at any point you don’t like the quest (for example, ‘bet MAX for 17 spins’), just quit and open a new slot. The quest will be different. Whatever you do, play until at least quest 15. Here you will your third 30-second FREE MAX bet round, but this time the Max bet is five million coins.

It’s fantastic.

Slots Era Free Coins via Collections

Slots Era will have a promotions running at all times. These are time-restricted promotions where you must act fast. Some run for a week, some only for 48 hours.

Slots Era Free Coins Collections

What they do have in common is the collections. You can fill your collections by completing quest, and each new unlock will give you free coins.

Don’t worry about collecting the whole set. You probably won’t. Not unless you start purchasing coins. But that’s OK. As you see in the screenshot above, Slots Era provides plenty of big wins even free.

To get more cards, come back to the app daily. You will get more pieces for your collection in addition to other daily rewards.

Best Slots Era Cheats

For the record, Slots Era seems like a very generous casino both during slots, as well as through other features. But there may be a time when you need to use hacks to gain coins fast.

Slots Era Hack

There aren’t many hack tools that are working. Luckily, one of the quickest and easiest Slots Era cheats is here to help.

Visit the coin generator page, enter the required information, select coins, and complete human verification steps.

[ulplinklocker id='ndZWvtPPn2wCnkXJ']Slots Era coin generator[/ulplinklocker]

However, to use this coin generator you must connect Slots Ear to your Facebook account. When you are asked for your username, enter your Facebook username in the coin hack tool.

Enjoy your free coins!

Should You Play at Slots Era?

If you have played at least at two casinos, you’ll see how Slots Era is different. Instead of roaming freely from slot to slot, you complete quests, daily tasks, and unlock new games.

It’s not for everybody.

But if this style of casino sounds like something you are looking for, Slots Era may be prettiest as well as the most generous social casino you encounter.

The drawbacks? Of course, there are some. Every time you complete a quest, your slot will be stopped. You will be taken to pick a new quest. But while for some these breaks will be an inconvenience, others will probably be thankful for another free coin opportunity.

Every casino has flaws. Slots Era just happens to have very few.

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