Scatter Slots: All You Need to Know Before You Play

Scatter Slots
I have two ideas. Two teams. Two schools of thought. And I really want to know what you think about it.

Some Casino players are sure that the Casino is key. As long as the Casino they play at is a top-rated brand, nothing else matters.

The second team is the ‘free spins, promotions and rewards’ team. They tend to forgive the Casino minor imperfections as long as the offers keep rolling in.

Which side are you on?

Scatter Slots Spin Wild ArrowThe reason why we are explaining all of this is Scatter Slots. Based on the reviews on the Google Play store, it’s an imperfect Casino. For a bit we were even hesitant to install and make this Scatter Slots review.

And yet, with almost 20 million players they are one of the most popular Casinos in the world.

What’s up with that?

We decided to find out more.

If you are also looking for more information on Scatter Slots or Scatter Slots Era, check out what we discovered.

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Scatter Slots Review, Availability, and Rating
Scatter Slots Gameplay
Should You Play Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots Review, Availability, and Rating

Scatter Slots is a product of Murka Entertainment, a company with several high-ranking gaming apps like Scatter Texas Hold’em and Scatter Era (we will get to that later). Clearly, they know what they are doing.

On the App Store as well as Google Play Store, Scatter Slots app has a respectable 4.6 rating.

On the plus side, the app weighs 300 Mb when you first install it and doesn’t bloat 3 times its size (like some of the competitor casinos).

Scatter Slots Gameplay

You can experience Scatter Slots as you would a regular Casino. But it’s not why it was built. And you’ll see this in the first walkthrough.

Scatter Slots is taking you by the hand from the very first step.

Scatter Slots

First Mission

Your first mission is to spin a Slot 30 times. You can’t change the 40,000 per spin bet size but with 12.000.000 in the bank that should not be a problem.

You will also notice a progress bar fill up. This is your progress bar for the current mission.

Scatter Slots

As soon as the bar fills up, you get coins and Gems as your rewards.

Scatter Slots rewardsWhen you finish one mission, the other will commence. You will have to make 10 spins with a max bet (80,000 per spin).

Here’s something to note. At Scatter Slots your Slots bet will often be automatically set to the maximum (200,000 when 80,000 and 40,000 are available).

Remember, you have no incentive to up the stakes early.

If you can, always lower your bet to increase the number of spins you have. It will help you keep a healthy bankroll and extend your chance of winning a humongous jackpot down the line.

After you complete the daily mission, you can go back and browse around the Quest Map. While you’re at it, check out the Daily Challenges.

Daily Challenge Task Complete

From the home page (Map icon on the top left corner) you can access the Bonus room (bottom center). You will find hourly bonuses and all of the challenges for the day and the grand reward for completing ANY five on that list. It’s not a hard task and 2.5000.000, Gems and upgrades are worth the effort. Especially when you are on the lower levels of the game.

Well, we don’t want to give away too many surprises. So, we will stop the walkthrough right here.

But let’s just say that the third mission is really, really cool.

Free Coins Through Facebook

If you ever run out of coins, you can always top up for free! Connecting your Facebook account will get you 6 million coins!

Scatter Slots facebook

Should You Play Scatter Slots?

The casino has its flaws. Like always encouraging you to bet the max (which is not in your best interest). Or cheesy, over-the-top, half-naked mystery ladies.

But it gets better. In a couple of hours of gameplay, you will unlock some great Slots. And there are a lot of Scatter Slots free coins available. If you use opportunities presented to you, you’ll have 30 million coins EASY.

If you like the games but not the style, you may want to try Scatter Slots Era. It’s a similar experience to the original Scatter, but you may find Scatter Era less of an adventure game and more like a real casino.

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