Best Rocket League Redeem Codes (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Rocket League Redeem Codes

You really must ask the question. Is there a better game than Rocket League? It has everything. And not “everything' like a fruit salad that also has cucumbers, potatoes, and ham. ‘Everything' in an extremely balanced way.

You've got the action and customization, individual experience and teamwork, skill as well as luck. Arguably, the best quality of Rocket league is that it's very easy to start, but there is also a lot of room for improvement.

And, say what you will, but everything is more fun when done in style. So, grab these free Rocket League redeem codes, pimp out your ride, and show them what you can do on the field with your shiny new car.

WWE Themed Redeem Codes

Rocket League is a few years old now. What started as a strange football-like game from a little-known developer, throughout these years grew into of the biggest games in eSports tournaments. The success guaranteed Rocket League significant sponsorships. Just like the WWE. That's the reason why so many of the free Rocket League redeem codes give out WWE branded decals, wheels, flags, and more.

Even if you don't like wrestling, check out WWE redeem codes for Rocket League. They do make your car look pretty astonishing.


Rocket League Redeem Codes Wrestlemania

With the Wrestlemania redeem code, you can get five limited player banners – Wrestlemania 34, NXT, Smackdown Live, RAW, as well as Monday Night Raw.


WWE18 is one of the best, most-complete wrestling games out there. AS so it happens, it's also a redeem code for Rocket League. Enter WWE18 as a code to receive limited player banners including RAW and Wrestlemania.


Last year, for the Rocket League birthday,  the developers released a special redeem code. Use RLBirthday to claim a stunning banner – Smackdown Live.


Don't worry, you're not getting a new dad. Instead, you get new wheels. Use WWEDads as the redeem code (still working).

rocket league free redeem codes

MORE Rocket League Free Redeem Codes

Not surprisingly, WWE is not the only brand to partner with the Rocket League. Some special items are available at the DLC Store, some you can get through exchange. Though, there are some great Rocket League redeem codes that are free even now.


Another code to get a free decal and more. With the RLNITRO redeem code you will get a decal the Breakout:Nitro Circus and a Nitro Circus Limited Flag.


How about an Octane decal AND Shazam Wheels? One code is all you need. Enter SHAZAM as a redeem code.


Get a free boost. Use Popcorn redeem code for a limited rocket boost.

Moai Antenna

Right now, as far as is known, there is only one unique Rocket League free redeem code that uses directional keys instead of a special redeem code word. This code gives you a special Moai (Easter Island Head) antenna.

Rocket League New Redeem Codes

Here's how to claim it:

Open the game, and in the main menu, use these directional key combination:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

How to Claim Redeem Codes

While it's not particularly hard, how do you redeem Rocket League redeem code items' is still one of the most frequent questions asked about this game. It's really simple.

Open the game, go to the ‘Extras', and then pick ‘Redeem Codes'. Enter the code and claim your free prize.

But while we are on the subject, there is something that many new players don't know. The codes above are known to most players. They are free and don't have time restrictions. Though, it does not mean that can't change.

But there are hundreds of Rocket League redeem codes making rounds on the net. The problem is that they are either unique (as in one-time use), or have limited availability, or both. To get unique Rocket League redeem codes you must get deeper into the community.

Rocket League Redeeming Tips

Find out what new sponsorships has Rocket League signed up, what special giveaways you can participate in on YouTube and Twitch, etc. A lot of unique codes appear just before a new season starts.

Also, don't underestimate the power of private communities on Reddit and Facebook (pages as well as groups). Sometimes players just give away codes that they don't need. But you must be quick, because almost exclusively these are unique, one-time-use codes.

Rocket League Tips for Beginners

Rocket League is great as it is. Purchases will make your car look better, but won't make you drive faster or hit the ball more accurately.

That's on you. So, first and foremost, open up the training arena and spend hours driving, jumping, and kicking.

Next, and arguably, just as important, find new friends. The community is buzzing, while the Rocket League Exchange never sleeps.

Get busy. It takes time to get something valuable but it's worth it. It does get easier over time as you find new people to trade with and find out new places for great redeem codes.

Lastly, you can register at third-party Rocket League Markets. We are not affiliated with one and don't have personal experience with.

That's why we can't recommend one. But players on various communities have had very positive results.

Rocket League Tips for BeginnersKeep in mind, some of these markets are free to enter, some require a fee. But they often operate in a similar fashion.

Once you become a member, you can exchange items with other members, find out median costs of specific items, as well as receive gifts.

Before you register at one of these markets, find out whether they give one reward after a registration, or can you expect weekly rewards (usually, delivered as a redeem code by mail).

That's it as far as redeem codes for Rocket League go. Play, get better, and claim your free items. Also, you might want to bookmark this page – we'll update it with new codes as soon as they become available.