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Name Gold Fish Casino

Gold Fish Casino: Review and Promo codes to Gold Fish Casino

Here at Ace of Brains we have already reviewed several top-rated social casinos, like Billionaire Casino or Caesars Casino. Today we want to introduce you to another casino with an incredible story. It’s called Gold Fish Casino.

Before we go on, you must know that Gold Fish Casino slots is a place for massive amounts of coins and many unique features.

But is it better than the casino you already play at?

Well, let’s compare.

Gold Fish Casino Promo

Gold Fish Casino slots

Like we said, Gold Fish is a ‘big coin casino’. You start with seven million free coins (at Caesar’s it’s 40,000, at Black Diamond Casino it’s 30 million).

Some progressive jackpots at Gold Fish Casino exceed 100 billion coins. So, if you play at a casino where amounts are smaller, it may require some adjusting.

Remember: larger coin amounts do not necessarily mean you get more playtime. You must look at minimum bets on Gold Fish Casino slots to be able to compare. But we’ll get to that.

What’s notable is how great Gold Fish Casino is evaluated by its players.

On Google Play, Gold Fish Casino has 10 million downloads and a 4.6-star review from 440,000 players.

On the Apple Store it’s even better. Here gold fish Casino has a 4.8 rating.

It was launched by Scientific Games Interactive, the same brand behind Jackpot Party Casino, Quick Hit Casino, Monopoly Slots and more.

What about Gold Fish Casino Slots?

We are glad you asked.

What’s different here is that Gold Fish Casino features games not from one, not two, but three different developers which guarantees lots of variety in the games you get to play.

Gold Fish Casino Slots: What to Play

As long as we’re looking at Gold Fish Casino games, let’s start with a number. 140.

Let’s talk about that.

On your first day, you only have access to handful of games. One is the casino’s flagship slot machine, Gold Fish. Also, there is something that Gold Fish Casino calls Guest Star Slots. It’s usually two slots from ‘higher levels’ that you get to try for several hours.

Don’t worry, levels go up pretty fast and you’ll unlock new games in no time. Usually, you can play a new game every three levels you go up.

What we always recommend is to try every new slot machine you unlock. But play only for a short amount of time. If you lacked luck during the session, you won’t lose this way.
But sometimes you will win and triple your whole bankroll in a few spins on a new slot.

gold fish casino games

Plus, if you ever need to spice things up before you reach a new level, check out casino tournaments. You wouldn’t believe the prizepools that these tournaments accumulate!

Gold Fish Casino slots with Extra Features

As you already know, when you level up, you will unlock new games. For example, Mermaid’s Cove, a superb slot machine which unlocks on level 20.

Along with unlocking the game you will also gain access to special features, like new bonuses and special Gold Fish rewards.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until level 20.

Some of the features to look out for are Slots Quests, Featured Slots, Shell Drops and Buried Treasures.

Slots Quests

Slots Quests can be unlocked on level 10. Complete several slots (three tasks per slot) quests and reach the treasures of Anubis jackpot. This is a high-risk, high-reward type of a feature. For example, one of the tasks asks you to win 20 million coins.

Features Slots

Slots that Gold Fish Casino team hand-picks every week. Unlock on level 17.

Shell Drops

You will meet the first Shell Drop on level 9 when you unlock Bier Haus slot machine. It does what it says. Random shell drops will bring you prizes. Some as high as 1 billion coins.

Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures are similar to Shell Drops. The first treasure you can uncover playing Fortune Seeker slot (level 15).

Earning More Free Gold Fish Casino Coins

Free Gold Fish Casino Coins

There are Gold Fish Casino promo codes you can use to get a coin increase when you are making an in-app purchase. However, if you are only after free coins, you’ll have some work to do. At least it’s fun!

When you first open the app, you will have seven million coins. Which is interesting because they advertise that it’s only 3.5 million.

In any case, on the bottom right corner you will be able to claim your first bonus of 250,000. These bonuses have a two-hour cooldown, but once you get five bonuses in a row, the sixth will come with a mega bonus.

Keep up with these bonuses! 250,000 may not seem like a lot. After all, the minimum spin cost is 35,000 (Gold Fish slot machine), but over a day, a week and a month these numbers add up to humongous amounts.

Also, if you connect your Facebook account, you’ll claim another 5 million chips.

Remember, you get rewarded with daily bonuses, level up prizes and gifts from friends. This is extremely valuable. Go on Facebook, connect with other Gold Fish players and you’ll never run out of free coins to play with.

How Gold Fish Casino stands out

In the end of the day, you must have something special to stand out when casino market is full of worthy competitors. At Gold Fish Casino it’s everything. Really, it is.

The way the whole e platform works is impeccable. Sure, updates sometimes change the way things work, and sometimes people don’t love it. But overall, the experience is smooth, unlocking new games helps you feel a sense of accomplishment, while coin ads are half as frequent compared to other popular casinos.

If you don’t like it, you can leave. But not trying Gold Fish Casino is a gaming crime.

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