Caesars Slot Machines & Games

40,000 Welcome Coins
This Offer Has Expired

Caesars Slot Machines & Games

  • 100+ FREE slots with new casino games coming out all the time!
  • Legacy Bonus
  • Facebook Fan Page - Receive free coins daily and share your luck with your friends!
  • Send and receive gifts with your Caesars friends in the game!
  • Lobby Bonus and play the lightning wheel
  • Personal Vault


  • Daily rewards
  • Mega bonuses
  • 40,000 welcome coins
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Top Vegas slots


  • Too many ads

Caesars Slot Machines & Games info

Name Caesars Slot Machines & Games
Established 2018

Caesar’s Casino Free Coins: The Only Bonuses That Work TODAY!

Disclaimer: this review has got nothing to do with the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. However, we will be looking at a wonderful and fun Las Vegas experience you can get from your home. No cost and no hassle.

Caesars Slot Machines Games

Sounds like it is too good to be true?

It’s not. After all, I’m not offering you diamond rings and piles of gold. But if you’re looking for Caesar’s Casino free coins, that’s something I can help you with.

Are you?

But before we get into free coins, let’s first take a closer look at the Caesar’s Casino and how to make the best out of it from the first try.

Caesar’s Casino Free Coins – Download the App

How Caesars casino app is different from the competitors? You already know that there are many Caesars Casino free coins, which is nice but not unusual.

PlaytikaBut here’s the deal. Caesars is developed and operated by world’s No.1 mobile casino brand, Playtika. You’ve heard of Slotomania, right? They have the same operating company.

Which, among many daily challenges and rewards, also means a regular supply of new exciting games and biggest jackpots in the industry.

It’s not just nice words. Caesar’s Casino app has been downloaded over 20 million times. Plus, with a 4.4 star rating on the Play Store, and an even a better one (4.7 star rating) on the iOS store, it’s clearly the players favorite.

To start, Caesar’s is going to give you some free coins. But if you want more, most of it you will have to win.

There is an easy way, though.

40,000 Welcome Coins
This Offer Has Expired
Caesar’s Casino Free Coins: The Only Bonuses That Work TODAY!

Get coins by purchasing them from the app store. There are various discounts and special offers that help you save some money. But where is the fun in that, huh?

If you want to do it via a longer, but, in my opinion, more exciting way, I’ll show you how you can get almost a million free coins.


Here’s what you do.

Start Earning Caesar’s Casino free coins

The first batch of Caesar’s Casino free coins you will receive by clicking on one of the offers here. I’ll check back to update these coin offers to the best ones regularly. So, just pick one you like and go for it.

Caesar’s Casino Free Coins

That’s how you’ll get around 50,000 coins. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one of the biggest offers of 100,000 free coins.

But it’s just the start.

As soon as you register and start playing, use the ‘Share’ button. As you invite your friends to the Caesar’s Casino, you’ll earn 50,000 coins for each friend that registers. That’s an easy 200,000 coins, maybe even 500,000!

EVEN MORE Caesar’s Casino free coins

Do you want another 300,000 free coins to play at this casino?

This is a little-known trick that was discovered a few years ago. It should still be valid.

The best thing is that’s it’s very simple. All you have to do is sign up to Caesar’s Casino with the valid email. Within the first week you will get 3 or 4 emails from Playtika. Reply to one and you’re set.

You can claim a bunch of free coins in three simple steps:

  1. Reply to any of the emails.
  2. Include bonus code FREECOINS
  3. Tell them that you are replying because of the New Player promotion.
40,000 Welcome Coins
This Offer Has Expired

If the promotion is still running, they will ask you for your Facebook account and the coins will be transferred to your account within a day.

How to Always Have Coins at Caesar’s Casino

Coins at Caesar’s Casino

Caesar’s, like many casino apps in the app store, doesn’t have real hacks which would allow players to enter any amount and grow their account fraudulently.

To them it’s a business and they want to protect their revenue.

So, you, the player, after you your initial surge of free coins, will be left to win yourself the rest. And you can. Like every casino, Caesar’s has the edge on any given slot machine, but you have daily challenges and many other promotions that will keep your bankroll high.

However, if you have a 15-million-coin bankroll, or 30 million, or even a 100 million, don’t go playing 1 million per spin slot games. If you look after your bankroll, you will never have to purchase coins from Playtika.


What kind of bankroll you should be aiming at? It’s hard to say, really. It depends on how risk averse you are. But it’s not uncommon to play 20 cent slots only when you have over a bankroll of over $400.

But again, that’s just an example.

40,000 Welcome Coins
This Offer Has Expired

What you must remember is that Playtika offers free coins every day. Hunt all the free coins you can get, and you’ll have no bankroll troubles.

I promise.

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