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Black Diamond Casino

  • Enormous progressive & personal jackpots
  • Exclusive VIP experience
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  • Beautiful slot machines with captivating graphics
  • Progressive jackpots and leaderboard
  • Free Coin offers every day


  • The games do not offer real money gambling

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Black Diamond Casino Review: Play Free Slots to Black Diamond Casino

Let's keep this simple. You are here because you have a question. It probably sounds something like, “is Black Diamond Casino any good?”.

Of course it is. There is a reason why their multi-million player base keeps expanding.

Ah, but if you are wondering whether it is any better than Caesar’s Casino or the Billionaire Casino, you are asking the right question. One that we cannot simply answer with a ‘yes' or a ‘no'.

So, let's dive in and explore Black Diamond Casino. By the end of this Black Diamond Casino review, you will have your answer. That's a promise.

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Black Diamond Casino: Quick Introduction

Black Diamond Casino online (don’t mix with the real money Black Diamond Casino) was launched in 2016 by Zynga, world’s most easily recognized mobile brand.

Black Diamond Casino is perhaps best known for their big-name titles like Wonder Woman, Grease and many more. Here they also put a heavy emphasis on classic, one-payline and two-payline slots. They take about 50 percent of all slots available at Black Diamond Casino.

The casino is well rated among its players. On the Apple Store Black Diamond Casino has a 4.6 rating, while on Google Play the rating is just a bit higher.

Best Start at Black Diamond Casino

If you don’t have much experience playing mobile casino games, remember this. You get a big boost at the start, but that’s it. Don’t feel too confident (i.e. don’t bet too much) until you get the feel of what the casino and its games are all about.

At Black Diamond Casino you start with 30 million coins (plus 7.5 million more, if you connect your Facebook account). You will be able to save your progress and invite friends, as well.

Don’t underestimate the hourly bonus!

You will receive a daily gift of around 1.8 million as well as hourly coins every two hours. Don’t miss a day. Continue the streak going for seven days in a row and you’ll earn a Super Bonus

Three More Ways to Earn Free Coins

Play. You play, you level up. Each new level gives you special gems and free coins.

Participate in social media giveaways. There’s the daily Facebook page coin giveaway, that you should not miss!

Friends! Get on it, invite your friends and strangers and share free coins amongst each other.

Discover Black Diamond Casino Games

Most Black Diamond Slots are locked for new players. Before you level up, you can only play on two slots machines: Wonder Woman and Grease.

Grease, based on the classic John Travolta movie, is a 1-line slot. Minimum bet to play is 100,000. It's low cost and low volatility. Perfect for a new player.

Wonder Woman (1970s series with Lynda Carter) is a modern five-reel slot with 720 paylines. However, it's less suitable for beginners as the play starts from 120,000, while the volatility is quite high. It doesn’t seem that different from Grease but you will feel it when you play.

While slots like Grease give out many prizes, Wonder Woman may crush your bankroll in one session (if you are not careful).

When you reach Level 2, try Wizard of Oz slot but don't get stuck on it. The play goes up (200,000 minimum), while the 4×6 layout slot will require some luck to crack.

However, it’s worth mentioning that we played about 100 spins on Wizard of Oz and hit multiple bonus rounds. Including this:

Wizard of Oz bonus

As you go up the levels, make sure to also try Great Bison (level 9), Elvis (Level 20), Man of Steel (level 33). These are fantastic slots, perhaps the best in the whole casino.

There’s only one drawback here. If you like progressive jackpots, you’ll have to wait until you are level 26 to unlock your first one. Even further to get to the second one.

On the other hand, Black Diamond Casino has a lot of special features that spice up the gameplay and make it much easier to level up. Did you know that on every Black Diamond Casino login you get a small coin gift?

There’s much more!

Black Diamond Casino Special Features

You will love this. All of these extra features, Black Diamond Casino bonus code hunts, Magic spins and more bring extra flavor to the whole experience.

We don’t want to reveal too much (it’s quite exciting to discover them yourself). But just know this.

You are up for some Magic Spins. Either through Black Diamond Casino games or coin purchases, you will collect special gems that will help you unlock new bonuses.

Also, don’t forget about promotions on social media (like Black Diamond Casino Facebook page, we already mentioned). You can get much more than just your daily coin gift.

Follow Your VIP Level

Black Diamond Casino has a nine-tier VIP program where you get more when you make coin purchases as well as in free gifts, access to new games and even VIP Concierge service.

Check out what kind of rewards are you in for:

black diamond casino VIP

Get on the Black Diamond Casino leaderboards

Most games have a leaderboard, allowing you to compete against your friends. It’s not easy, though. If you have a limited bankroll, it may not be the best idea.
However, once you have at least 100 million coins, go ahead and give Leadearbords a try.

Black Diamond Casino

Black Diamond – What Do You Think?

Have you got your answer? If you still can’t decide whether to switch from your previous casino, think about this.

If you like classic, beginner-friendly, low volatility slots? If you do, Black Diamond is the right place to be.

If you enjoy massive progressive jackpots (going well over a billion coins), you should try Black Diamond Casino.

If you are still hesitant, you are probably better off trying Caesar’s Casino.

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