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myVegas Slots screenshot

Screenshot of the loading screen taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

After thousands of reviewed Slots, I’ve found a surprisingly interesting Slot app. So, I decided to turn on You Spin me round by Dead or Alive and see what this myVegas Slots app is about… And honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see how MyVegas-Slots work…

You get a lot chips by not only playing/spinning (me round, haha, get it?). MyVegas has insanely huge number of hidden buttons of free chips everywhere. I felt like Sherlock Holmes trying to find all the hints that Moriarty left.

How to Get myVegas Free Chips

1. Download the app

myVegas Free Chips

Screenshot of the myVEGAS App taken by Author from the Google Play, Google Commerce Ltd, 2018.

As soon as you download the app, you get myVegas free chips. That's how I got my first chips. That’s it. They are in your pocket. Try them wherever you want, see how MyVegas works. You’ll discover which Slots you like the most.

2. Play the games

As a beginner, I enjoyed Excalibur Slot. It helped not only to gain a good amount of chips but also bonus spins are amazing! Later you will discover for sure which Slots you enjoy! Everyone has different preference!

3. Level up!

The higher level you reach, the more chips you get. The more you play, the higher level you reach. I’ve tried it, works perfectly. After every level you receive a prize and it's all yours. Spend it wisely.

When you level up, you can unlock new Slots and increase max bet. When I feel that it’s my day, I prefer to go big. But sometimes I enjoy betting small. Keep in mind that different Slots have different min and max bet limits. Pay attention to that.

4. Join myVegas Slots on Facebook

Connect your account to Facebook and get additional 100 000 chips to your account! It’s totally free and it’s a good push for your rewards!

If you connect to Facebook, you can not only send myVegas free chips to your friends but also receive them. You can claim gifts from 15 friends daily.

It’s as simple as that!

5. Check your inbox

In case you are a loner or don’t use Facebook on purpose, don’t forget to check the Inbox.  You can find a pleasant surprise. Yes, sometimes the game creators send you a small gift via email! How cool is that?

6. Complete the Quests

Another way to get some extra chips is Quests! Yes, you get me right, myVegas indeed has quests! What you need to do there is to visit a Slot from the list and do a small task. That’s it!

myVegas level up screenshot

Screenshot of the Level Up taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

7. Claim bonus every four hours

You know what? It’s not even the end of all this good stuff! Every four hours you get myVegas free chips as well! Every… Four… Hours…

Honestly, MyVegas Slots are still a mystery for me. I always can find some places where free chips can be hidden. Discover it and enjoy the Slots there!

And the best thing, you don’t need to deposit ANYTHING to get ALL THIS!

I felt like V.I.P. there.

Convert Your myVegas Free Chips into Loyalty Points!

myVegas next level

Screenshot of the Next Level taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Have you ever dreamed of an amazing dinner somewhere in a fancy restaurant? Or you wanted to book a hotel room and even get a huuuge discount for it?

There is a solution! The more you use myVegas free chips, the more Loyalty points you collect. Loyalty points allow you to get a discount or the whole prize. You can choose from the categories like Rooms, Shows, Restaurants, Night Life, Attractions and etc.

I really appreciate that myVegas has so many categories to offer according to your needs. However, here comes a pro tip. I’ve noticed that the best offers disappear fast. Be quick on your feed and grab the prize that you desire!

In case you don’t know where to see your Loyalty Points, here is some help for you. You will see a little coin in the left corner that turns to gold after enough spinning and then awards you with the Loyalty points.

Claim myVegas Slots Promo Codes Every Day!

myVegas slots free rewards

Screenshot of the Free Rewards taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Indeed, you got me right. You can claim MyVegas codes every day and get even more free chips.

Seriously, I feel like overusing ‘free chips’ phrase but they have that many free things.

So, don’t hesitate to use MyVegas mobile codes and claim your rewards!

This experience of codes was amazing for me. You get a code every single day. Honestly, I think that promo codes make this app even more special besides all the rest of free advantages it has.

And That’s Not the End Yet…


Screenshot of the High Roller Room taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Yes, MyVegas is full of surprises (as far as you can see). It took me a while to figure out that they have this pretty cool VIP status.

As soon as you join MyVegas Slots, you automatically become VIP with all the benefits for a week or so. It’s quite handy to have VIP status because it includes bigger multiplier, bigger hourly bonus, and bigger chip package bonus. Basically, everything is bigger when you’re VIP.

And most importantly, once you try VIP, you can decide if you want to continue it in the future.

The interesting thing about the app is that somehow the ranks are the names of gemstones. You start as a Turquoise but if you level up, you can reach Tanzanite level (which has insane benefits, check it yourself).


I know, I know! I’ve said so many things about myVegas already Some things are great, other things are just usual like in other Slots apps. Honestly, I think it’s worth checking myVegas Slots out because it brings some great benefits for you.

myVEGAS Slots surprises

Screenshot of the Pick 3 taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

The worst thing is that I am still not sure if I managed to find all the ways to get MyVegas free chips. Let’s see if creators are not messing with my head and I managed to find all the possible ways. If not, feel free to share it with the rest of the world.

Sharing is caring, my friends!

Bam! And now you can also play You Spin Me Round song on the laptop or phone, get as many free chips as you can find, and enjoy the game!

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