Doubleu Casino Free Chips: All Your Questions Answered

Doubleu Casino Free ChipsI’ll be honest. When we got an e-mail from one of our dear readers, it was the first time I heard of Doubleu Casino Free Chip. And I instantly knew I need to know more. 

After two successful app downloads, 4 hours of research, and then 4 more playing 25 games and winning 60,000,000 coins, I think I am fairly capable of answering all the questions we got. 

So, let’s start. 

What’s DoubleU Casino free play? 

DoubleU is social game, hence, you can play it for free. You get a generous amount of chips to start with. And continuous opportunities to get even more of those. Then it’s up to you to use your chips wisely. 

The best way, of course, is to win more chips. But if you are not lucky that particular day of playing, there are more ways to get free chips. 

How to get DoubleU Casino free chips? 

Sign up on Facebook or download the app 

This is the easiest way to get DoubleU Casino free chips. Sign up and 1,000,000 chips are yours. However, it works one time only. Additional 500,000 will reach your account once you connect your app to your Facebook. 

Follow DoubleU Casino on Facebook 

DoubleU Casino free chips facebookDoubleU Casino community has a Facebook page and it’s as active as it can be. 4 million of players are constantly engaging in various activities to get more free chips. And you can do so too! Change your settings to see their posts first and you won’t miss any free chips.  

Include your friends 

Social gambling is more fun with friends. And more rewarding, too. Send them free gifts with chips and get some back in return. 

Compete in tournaments 

One of the most awesome features for me is Live Slotourney. You have 10 minutes to play any slots you like. So does everyone else in your group (e.g., beginners).

Depends on how lucky you are, you win while you play and your ranking in the group goes up along to your chip count. And if you get into top 10 of players during those 10 minutes, you’re rewarded with tons of free chips! 

Do a research 

There are many websites (including ours) that keep updating links to claim more free chips to various games. DoubleU Casino isn’t an exception. Google a little bit and you will find more chips than you could’ve imagined. 

Keep an eye on bonus timer 

Every hour you get to claim a bonus that rewards you with free chips. It’s always above your screen, showing how many minutes you have left until your bonus is available. Hard to miss, really. Especially when the reward is so sweet. 

Doubleu Casino welcome bonus

Spin the Lucky Wheel 

That’s another type of bonus, just it’s not set but depends on your luck again. Spin the wheel and get a bonus of thousands of free chips. Moreover, if you share it with your friends and they claim free chips too, it will double yours! Do you feel lucky already? 

Earn chips for free 

Doubleu Casino mega win

That’s an actual feature in the game. You can do various tasks, for example, play some random non-casino game, fill a survey, use different Facebook app to download an e-book or listen to music, and some amount of free chips is yours. You can find all the alternative ways to get free chips under Bonuses on the main screen. 

Buy additional Doubleu Casino Free Chips

Okay, this is not exactly free but if everything else fails and you’re this close to winning a jackpot, it might be worth it. You can buy 200,000 chips for as little as $1.

If you’re a high roller, you can go all the way to buying 9,990,000,000 of them for $999.

But if you play and check your Facebook or app often enough, I’m sure you can avoid paying for DoubleU Casino chips. 

How to get DoubleU Casino free spins? 

This one is a bit more complicated than getting DoubleUCasino free chips. You can active DoubleU Casino free spins while playing slots and getting scatters on your screen. For example, while playing a slot ‘Vampire Rose’ (one of my favorites), 3 scatters active 7 free spins. 

What’s so special about DoubleU Casino? 

doubleu casino freeVariety of games. Most of social casino apps are focusing on one type of games, for example, Slotomania or Jackpot Party Casino on slots, WSOP on poker. DoubleU Casino has everything. 

No kidding. 

Want slots? They’ve got hundreds of them. Classic fruit games and 3D video slots. Whatever your taste leans towards. 

Table games? All the classics are there: Poker (Hold’em, Caribbean, 6 types of video poker), blackjack, roulette. You can also play Baccarat, Keno and Bingo. What else do you need? 

What I didn’t like about DoubleU Casino 

Playing on Facebook was easy. However, I cannot say the same about the app.  

If you want to play more than just classic slots, you need to download each of the games separately. That does take a lot of time if you have more than a couple of favorite games.  

I hope this was helpful. If you decide to try DoubleU casino, let us know what you think. 

Good luck!