DoubleHit Casino App – 6 Ways To Get Free Coins

double hit casino app

DoubleHit casino app is a great casino for anyone who loves classic slots. There are many slots to play here, but ‘fruit slots' take up the majority. But if you don't pay attention to getting more free coins, your playing days are counted.

To build your bankroll to 50 million (or 500 million coins), you must know a few Double Hit Casino secrets.

On the outside, DoubleHit Casino app looks like most mobile casinos. Good score on the App Store, good score on the Google Play store, millions of fans, lots of free coins on your first day.

That's where the similarities end.

You want to win at DoubleHit Casino?

Here's what you do.

1. Practice playing different games

Unlike many mobile casinos, DoubleHit Casino doesn't restrict you from trying any of their games. You don't need to reach Level 20 to get a new game. Even on your first day. You will have enough coins, so go around and try different games.

2. Keep in mind that progressive jackpot slots are incredibly volatile

Often your symbol match will only return around 50 percent, sometimes as little as 10 percent of your initial bet. Progressive jackpots are even worse. They are usually not suitable for beginners due to their high-risk, high-reward factor.

3. Daily Bonuses

At first, it won't look like much. 30,000 a day? 50,000 if you get lucky. You've seen better.
DoubleHit casino app return bonus

But connect your account to Facebook, connect with as many friends as you can play for several days in a row and you won't believe how high these daily bonuses go.

4. Use bonus codes and various offers

DoubleHit Casino Free Coins

Bonuses go way beyond the hourly and daily gifts from the DoubleHit Casino. Double Hit Casino has their own Facebook page where you can get a ton of coin gifts.

Also, we have a bonus you can also use. Even as an existing DoubleHit player. Check out the link below:

No Deposit 5 million coins

(Occasionally these bonuses expire. If that happens, let us know and we'll get you a new one).

5. Unique Snakes and Ladders

There's a unique feature at Double Hit Casino. While the game is familiar to every 3rd grader, here at the casino is can be extremely beneficial to your bankroll.

DoubleHit snakes and ladders game

So, when you get new chances to roll the dice, use those opportunities to get closer to the jackpot.

6. A steep rise in stakes

Every new player is tempted to raise the stakes and go for a massive win. Well, don't. It won't do you any good here at DoubleHit casino app.

The lowest stakes you get is 5,000. That's 400 spins on all games. However, the next stake level is 50,000. That's 40 spins on your starting 2 million bankroll.

Even with our 5 million coin bonus it's only 140 spins. [url] 5 million coins DoubleHit.

Lay low, 5,000 per spin will last you a long time. Maybe long enough to win you the jackpot?


All in all, DoubleHit Casino is not like the other casinos. Which is good. Just not in every way. If you remember our advice, though, you should be fine.

And if you ever run out of coins, contact us. We'll get you a new bonus as fast as we can.