Take a break and discover Slotomania

Tired of all the Christmas preparations? Cooking, cleaning, shopping for presents at the last minute because you felt like you had all the time in the world, till you figured, you don’t.

Would you like to put your mind at ease and waste an hour or two on something rather mindless but extremely fun?

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you.

It’s Slotomania.

A Sloto what now?

Slotomania. It’s totally free mobile casino in the palm of your hand. They got a wide variety of different slots to try out and it is way more addictive than I thought.

To be totally honest with you, even as I am writing this, my phone is set on an auto spin to win me some sweet coins at the Panda Chi game.

Anyways, back to Slotomania. Let me give you a quick tour, what to expect from here.

As soon as you sign up and download the app on your phone/tablet, you will be given 10,000 coins to start your journey as your latest casino bonus.

It works on all the mobile platforms. Whether you are using an android, iOS or even a Windows phone, you can enjoy the sheer awesomeness of Slotomania.

What’s more, you can play through Facebook without downloading an app.

It is made as convenient as possible for you.

Now, you’ve got your free coins, time to start the first quest.

I am not sure if the first quest is the same for everyone, but for me, the first thing was winning 10 games at Vegas Cash and getting 1 Big win at the same game, if I recall correctly.

After that, you get 6 more missions and when you’ve completed these, you will be rewarded with 20,000 coins.

I’m currently on the 5th mission and trying to earn 23,000 coins on Despicable Wolf game.

Another thing Slotomania has in store for us is Sloto Cards.

At first, I thought these would grant you some badges or some other meaningless stuff, you can add to your profile and brag about.

It turns out though, that when you complete a set you will get a hefty bonus. For example, completing the Jolly Rogers set gives you an amazing prize of 340,000 coins. It's almost as good as the 100 free spins to play Starburst Bonus.

I haven’t completed any sets myself yet, but I have a feeling I might manage to complete one or two in a few days’ time.

There are few other bonus games and extras at Slotomania, but I want to leave some of the goodies for you to find out.

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