Developers hunt a Nergigante in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World we will face diverse and dangerous creatures. Some of them will be the ancient dragons, who every decade embark on a trip to the New World. If you wonder what these awesome creatures look like, you can not miss the new title gameplay.

The preview of Monster Hunter World was presented at Jump Festa 2018, an event held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center , in Japan. One of the developers shows us his preparation and journey to face the Nergigante, one of the dragons mentioned above.

Nergigante will not only be characterized by its large size and aggressiveness, but also by its powerful attacks. This creature has a great capacity for regeneration, so we will have to annihilate it as soon as we have the ideal opportunity to do so, like in the slots game with no deposit bonus about the same adventure that was released in September. Hunters should also take care of their barbs and horns, they will be lethal at close range.

As if that were not enough, these elements will also give the Nergigante a high level of resistance and defense. The monster will not hesitate to continue fighting, even if it is injured. Then, I leave the new gameplay:

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Monster Hunter World will feature creatures of several sizes There will be mid monsters, such as the Apsaros, Jagras, Raphinos, Vespoid, among others. Also, there will be other large beasts, such as the mentioned Nergigante, Zorah Magdaros, Uragaan, Rathalos, Devils and many more.

In addition to the assistance of other hunters, the Palicos will help you overcome the difficult tests of this adventure. If you missed the first PlayStation 4 Beta, do not worry, Capcom announced another trial period that will not require PS Plus.

Monster Hunter World will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next 26 of January. Visit this link to know all the news related to him.

Did you like the gameplay? What other creature do you expect to see in this new installment of the series? Leave us your comment.

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