Four Best Casino Apps for Android 2019

best casino app androidMobile casino apps are a dime and dozen these days, aren’t they? Choices are great. Competition only makes the industry better.

But there is a thing that is making everything worse, and even the best apps are doing it. Some apps use shady ‘Rate us 5 stars’ practices.

Which skews the app ratings. The star rating that players leave is not their own opinion about the app. It’s a method to get free coins.

That’s how two apps may look similar on the app store but be completely different in terms of quality and gameplay.

No worries. We got you.

We’re here to clear things up. We are constantly going through the app store, trying new apps, putting them side by side. As far as we’ve seen, casino sites can be like night and day, so testing is the only sure way to find the best casino app for Android.

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And today we have a nice surprise. Normally we give you the best casino App: Android, iOS, or both. But below you will find not one, two, or even three great apps.

So, without further delay we present you four of the best apps for Android smartphone and tablet owners. Enjoy and please, let us know which one you liked the most.

Hot Shot Casino

Hot Shot Casino

Hot Shot Casino is operated by one of the largest mobile casino brands, Scientific Games. So, if you come into this game knowing that, you are bound to have some expectations.

That’s why you will probably be so surprised when you join Hot Shot Casino. Because it’s not a full on, feature-packed casino megacorp as some of the other creations of Scientific Games.

Instead, when you come to Hot Shot Casino, you will come into a cozy little casino room. That’s exactly why Hot Shot Casino Slots games are on today’s best casino app (Android) list.

Don’t get us wrong. It feels like a casino. There’s plenty to do here, but it’s not as overcrowded as hundreds of other casinos that are trying to do everything at once.

hot shot casino free coinsAnd since you’re here, would you like to know how to collect the most Hot Shot Casino free coins?

You start with 2.5 million coins. It may seem like a lot, but compared to the betting stakes, it’s not enough to go crazy on the games. You will need more coins soon.

Here are more ways to get free coins on Hot Shot Slots:

Join Facebook (if you haven’t already) and connect your account. Doing so will take you no more than 2 minutes and will immediately earn you 3.5 million free coins.

Maximize your coin collection, as well. One bonus may not last you long, but over a week you can get around 100 two-hour bonuses. Plus the daily bonuses you can collect every day!

The only drawback to the way the casino operates is that there is only one Hot Shot Casino game available to you when you join. So, to play more, you must unlock them by reaching new levels. But it takes time. And until you go up enough levels, you’re stuck with only one game.

We get it, a lot of casinos lock games to encourage your to play more. But a single game? This is a practice that barely any casino uses (although, there’s one more in this list). Hopefully soon there will be more Hot Shot Casino slots games available for new players.

Otherwise, Hot Shot casino offers a brilliant atmosphere as well as many rewards for new players. It is not trying to do much, but what the casino does is top quality. That is key in success of any business.

Lil Wayne app – A Challenge for True Fans

lil wayne app

When it comes to celebs trying to make an extra buck on the side, what haven’t we seen yet? And that includes mobile casinos as well as slots. Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashians, countless of music bands. Is there anything that Lil Wayne Slots app offers that hasn’t been offered yet?

Yes, and no.

For most casino players, Lil Wayne slot machine, even the whole app will work as an extra distraction, while they are waiting for a top up or some bonus at their #1 casino.

So, if Lil Wayne Slots is not the best casino app on Android, why is it here?

Well, we didn’t say it wasn’t the best. In fact, it’s not worth dismissing the app straight away. The app is well-built and there are many Lil Wayne games that you will be coming back to again and again.

Here’s the truth. Lil Wayne app is the best casino app for Android if:

  1. You like a challenge and/or:
  2. Are a fan of Lil Wayne and/or:
  3. Enjoy Unique Experiences

lil wayne slot machineLil Wayne app offers a unique casino experience because they are not giving you millions of coins straight of the bat. Some progressive jackpots here are over $1 million, some reach $5 million.

But you as a player are not treated to a cushy seat at the VIP table right away. You get a realistic 900 coins (400 as a bonus) to start and five free spins.

You must use your bonus spins immediately but at least you get to choose your machine. You can choose out of three available slots (at level One): the Carter, New Orleans or the Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is 25 paylines, so 25 per spin is the minimum to pay for the spin. Carter V is also a 25 payline. But this game also gives you a double up feature after every win.

New Orleans is 30 payline slot machine (1 coin per line).

So, it only takes us minimal math skills to determine that in a worst-case scenario, you have 30 spins (36 spins if you are playing a slot with 25 paylines) to play on your 900 spin bankroll. Small wins will of course extend that amount but 30 spins is not a safe cushion for a bankroll.

One big advantage at this casino is that the games unlock quickly. All you need is a couple of levels and you’re up. But because this slot and its realistic approach to a starting bankroll (900 chips instead of 20 million), you must watch your bankroll carefully. There aren’t as many free coins here on the first day, but Lil Wayne Games reward players when they come back.

You have the freedom to make the ultimate decision, but our advice until you build a bit of a bankroll here, take your wins without risking them.

Here are the top Lil Wayne app tips:

Pick up the precious level up bonuses and watch the Lil Wayne slot machine updates. Often you will get messages and special offers to update and get free coins.

Also, make it a challenge. Treat it like one. If you want, sign up to other casinos that give 20 million coins. But on this Lil Wayne app, practice real casino strategies like managing your bankroll and training an eye for lucrative opportunities.

No other casino app does that and for that reason Lil Wayne slot machine app is on our best Android casino app list.

Super Party Slots

super party slots

This is the biggest name on this list. And, honestly, countless of other lists. Super Party Slots has been around almost since the beginning and has used the best tactics to become what it is today, the best casino app on Android platform.

They have tons of unique games, great rewards, plenty of little extras to keep the interest and so much more.

Let’s go over a couple of the most important things on the Super Party Slots app (we’ll leave the best surprises for you).

What we like here is that daily bonuses here are multiplied by consecutive days you have come back. Logging in only takes a minute but do that for seven or eight days, and your daily bonuses will look much significant.

The Hot Shot Slots and the Lil Wayne App are both focused on games with very little to offer as extras. Here at Super Party Slots this is not the case. Connect to your Facebook friends, lock in bonuses and share gifts.

Super Party Slots Game Tips

super jackpot party slotsYour first game is Zeus II with stacked Wild symbol. It’s an amazing game with 50 paylines and some incredible features. Gorilla Chief is the second slot you will unlock.

Actually, if you return to the Home of the casino from the Zeus slot, you will find more slots unlocked. Like Lock it Link Diamonds, Winning Heart, Fire Ball, and Hot Hot Penny 2. But other slots unlock at levels 10, 15, 30, etc.

Gorilla Chief is also a 50 payline slot. Five or more Savanah Sunset symbols trigger Gorilla Chief free spins. five free sins are awarded for 5 scatter symbols, but each additional scatter adds +5 free spins to the tally. Gorrila Chief bonus is doubled during the free spins more.

Why is it worth coming back to Super Party Slots? For one, their bonuses.

So what? Everyone has bonuses.

Ha! Yes, they do. But not like Super Party Slots. So many casinos make you wait for several hours and, after all that time, give you peanuts. Super Party Slots give out 200,000 bonuses every hour. Plus, if you don’t want to wait, you can also claim a partial bonus instead of waiting until the timer is up.

How cool is that?

If we were to suggest only one casino to play today, Super Jackpot Party Slots would be it. There’s so much to do, and so many free coins to get! And the games… Oh, the games…

Monopoly slots – The best casino app on Android platform today

monopoly slots

Monopoly was a big part in most of our childhoods. Now, you can play Monopoly as an adult at the Monopoly Slots. Casino. And it’s quality in every way. If you haven’t played her yet, Monopoly Slots may easily become your #1 slot casino in 2019.

It all starts with an idea. Here the basic premise is that you can help Mr. Monopoly build back a ruined city.

What you may not like is that the slots are locked. While the practice is common, the limits are quite high. You will unlock a new slot every 10 levels. You’ll unlock a couple of games quicly but the rest will slow down.

The good news is that the game goes deep with every level you unlock. First, you will think it’s just a casino. On level two, you will start getting various tasks and collect rewards.

monopoly slots free coinsAfter that, you will unlock quests.

As you will see, these are amazing ways to get Monopoly Slots free coins.

You will not only end up loving Monopoly free slots, you’ll get them from frequent random casino features. Mid-slots it will start raining Monopoly money! It’s so much better than a traditional online casino.

As far as today’s mobile casino apps, we recommended Super Jackpot Party Slots because of its fullness. But what Monopoly slots do best is focus around the theme of the table game and make sure it feels like it. It’s an amazing mobile gaming experience that every slot and card game fan should know.

In conclusion, this is our top casino app list for all your mobile devices (specifically, Android devices, though all of these apps are available on the App Store, as well.) Enjoy the best mobile slot games without risk – grab free coins and play Android Slots no matter where you find yourself.