Take a break and discover Slotomania

Tired of all the Christmas preparations? Cooking, cleaning, shopping for presents at the last minute because you felt like you had all the time in the world, till you figured, you don’t.

Would you like to put your mind at ease and waste an hour or two on something rather mindless but extremely fun?

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you.

It’s Slotomania.

A Sloto what now?

Slotomania. It’s totally free mobile casino in the palm of your hand. They got a wide variety of different slots to try out and it is way more addictive than I thought.

To be totally honest with you, even as I am writing this, my phone is set on an auto spin to win me some sweet coins at the Panda Chi game.

Anyways, back to Slotomania. Let me give you a quick tour, what to expect from here.

As soon as you sign up and download the app on your phone/tablet, you will be given 10,000 coins to start your journey as your latest casino bonus.

It works on all the mobile platforms. Whether you are using an android, iOS or even a Windows phone, you can enjoy the sheer awesomeness of Slotomania.

What’s more, you can play through Facebook without downloading an app.

It is made as convenient as possible for you.

Now, you’ve got your free coins, time to start the first quest.

I am not sure if the first quest is the same for everyone, but for me, the first thing was winning 10 games at Vegas Cash and getting 1 Big win at the same game, if I recall correctly.

After that, you get 6 more missions and when you’ve completed these, you will be rewarded with 20,000 coins.

I’m currently on the 5th mission and trying to earn 23,000 coins on Despicable Wolf game.

Another thing Slotomania has in store for us is Sloto Cards.

At first, I thought these would grant you some badges or some other meaningless stuff, you can add to your profile and brag about.

It turns out though, that when you complete a set you will get a hefty bonus. For example, completing the Jolly Rogers set gives you an amazing prize of 340,000 coins. It's almost as good as the 100 free spins to play Starburst Bonus.

I haven’t completed any sets myself yet, but I have a feeling I might manage to complete one or two in a few days’ time.

There are few other bonus games and extras at Slotomania, but I want to leave some of the goodies for you to find out.

Developers hunt a Nergigante in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World we will face diverse and dangerous creatures. Some of them will be the ancient dragons, who every decade embark on a trip to the New World. If you wonder what these awesome creatures look like, you can not miss the new title gameplay.

The preview of Monster Hunter World was presented at Jump Festa 2018, an event held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center , in Japan. One of the developers shows us his preparation and journey to face the Nergigante, one of the dragons mentioned above.

Nergigante will not only be characterized by its large size and aggressiveness, but also by its powerful attacks. This creature has a great capacity for regeneration, so we will have to annihilate it as soon as we have the ideal opportunity to do so, like in the slots game with no deposit bonus about the same adventure that was released in September. Hunters should also take care of their barbs and horns, they will be lethal at close range.

As if that were not enough, these elements will also give the Nergigante a high level of resistance and defense. The monster will not hesitate to continue fighting, even if it is injured. Then, I leave the new gameplay:

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Monster Hunter World will feature creatures of several sizes There will be mid monsters, such as the Apsaros, Jagras, Raphinos, Vespoid, among others. Also, there will be other large beasts, such as the mentioned Nergigante, Zorah Magdaros, Uragaan, Rathalos, Devils and many more.

In addition to the assistance of other hunters, the Palicos will help you overcome the difficult tests of this adventure. If you missed the first PlayStation 4 Beta, do not worry, Capcom announced another trial period that will not require PS Plus.

Monster Hunter World will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next 26 of January. Visit this link to know all the news related to him.

Did you like the gameplay? What other creature do you expect to see in this new installment of the series? Leave us your comment.

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Ignis will have new attacks in the next Final Fantasy XV DLC

This day, Square Enix released a new trailer for Episode Ignis the new DLC for Final Fantasy XV that will debut next December 13.

To be more exact , the new advance presents the skills that Ignis will have during the combats. First we have Overclock, which allows you to launch fire attacks with your weapons and earn WSOP free chips, while with High Jump makes a powerful hit from above. But the one that catches the attention is Quick Recipeh, since Ignis begins to cook during the battle to ignore situations of danger.


The followers of the music of Final Fantasy XV will be able to listen to a new melody with this DLC, it is Apocalypsis Magnatus a song composed by Yoko Shimomura, that will sound during the fight between Noctis and Ignis in Extra Battle mode.


Episode Ignis will debut next 13 December on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Later, in early 2018, Squere Enix will release Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition . .

Reveal details about the development of Ghost of Tsushima

In Paris Games Week 2017, one of the games that generated doubts was Ghost of Tsushima of Sucker Punch. Fortunately, new details were revealed during a panel on PlayStation Experience 2017.

During this event, the creative director, Nate Fox, was accompanied by the art director, Jason Connell, and animation director Billy Harper, as well as associate producer Ryuhei Katami, to discuss the trailer that was unveiled in October during Paris Games Week.

Harper said the biggest challenge was finding the right voices for each character. For his part, Katami added that the team in Japan was very useful to represent Japanese culture properly in the trailer.

The representation was one of the most important points, since Ghost of Tsushima It is an open world that takes place in the feudal period of Japan, during the invasion of the Mongol Empire to the island of Tsushima. Players will take the latest casino bonus and the role of one of the last surviving samurai, who will do everything possible to stop the powerful invaders.

[embedded content] [19659002] Later, Fox explained that they decided to leave the franchise Infamous to focus on something new. “[Cuando] you do something for a long time, it makes you want to try something different, it's creatively satisfying to be scared,” he said. Harper added: “This is definitely a risk, but it was worth taking, because we wrote a love letter to one of our favorite genres.”

During his speech, Connell commented that they will take inspiration from this historical moment, but it will only be a starting point to create an original story. Sucker Punch made a couple of trips to Japan to do research on Tsushima.

Although the game is made by Western people, the studio hopes to represent Japanese culture in the best way. As part of this process, Ghost of Tsushima could have voices in Japanese. At the end of the panel, Fox asked the attendees if they would be interested in playing with Japanese dialogues and they responded with shouts and applause.

Ghost of Tsushima is still in development, so there is no debut date .

Watch the first GTFO gameplay

In June of this year we learned the first details of GTFO the new project of 10 Chambers Collective. In case you do not remember, it is a title that will mix the action of a cooperative shooter with atmospheres typical of horror games. The first gameplay of the FPS was revealed in the framework of The Game Awards 2017.

The itemized name of this project is Work Together or Die Together that is, Work together or die together . The title summarizes the main mechanics of the game, as cooperation between players will be essential to put an end to the fearsome creatures that will lurk in various locations.

The study behind GTFO is made up of former members of Overkill Software , that without a doubt you will know by PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 . The game will offer moments of action for groups of up to 4 players. They will all have to plan how they will proceed to explore the environments, which will be full of obstacles and enemies.

You will have to determine specific tasks for each member of the team, so that one's error could cost the lives of all. Without further ado I leave the new advance of the game.

[embedded content]

At the moment, 10 Chambers Collective has only confirmed the arrival of GTFO to PC, via Steam. Regarding its launch date, the study stated that the cooperative shooter will be ready sometime in 2018.

Remember to visit this link to know all the news about our coverage of The Game Awards 2017. Here you will find the list of winners which will be updated during the course of the event.

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