Slots Era Free Coins Step by Step Guide

Slots Era

Slots Era is a brand new casino brought to you by Murka Entertainment. We’ve made a step by step guide to help you make the best opportunities to get free chips.

  • Slots Era starting bankroll – 12 million coins and
  • Slots Era – learn best coin hacks.
  • Download Slots Era and play on Android or iOS, as well as Facebook.

Step by step may not be the best way to describe casino. There is a lot of luck involved in the game, which may force you to make adjustments.

But at least the first steps at the Slots Era Casino are simple. There is an epic adventure that’s waiting for you, so let’s get started.

slots era cheats

Slots Era – First Steps

When you first join Slots Era, the casino will be holding you by the hand. In short, this is a casino where you play slots to complete quests, and complete quests to unlock more slots.

Pretty straightforward, isn't it?

Slots Era Cleopatra in love

During the first few Steps you will get to play the first slot, Cleopatra in Love and complete three quests:

  1. Spin three times
  2. Play MAX bet 10 times
  3. Play FREE MAX bet 1 minute.

Slots Era The LionheartAs the Quest No. 5, you will unlock a new slot, the Lionheart.

Note that most of your big wins will be feature wins. Actual in-game payouts are not that significant. So, play accordingly. If you must spin 20 times, consider whether it is worth it doing it with big bets. If the free slots rounds before haven’t paid that much, or the game is new, play small bets.

It is always a good strategy to focus on protecting your bankroll rather than hoping for a big win.

Next step is boosting your bankroll.

  • Visit Daily Challenges and see how you are doing in your journey to the daily 2.5 million coins. Every day five completed tasks award you with coins and gems.
  • Collect Hourly Bonuses
    You must spin free slots for 30 seconds. Everything you win is yours. There are options to spend gems and upgrade points to win. Is it worth it? It depends on what kind of a player you are. But if you don’t want to spend precious cash on such upgrades, you’ll have plenty of coin opportunities without it.

Slots Era Free Hourly Bonus

  • Facebook gifts
    If you have a Facebook account, it might be a good time to use it to connect to Slots Era. That’s one of the easiest ways to get additional six million coins as well as 20 Gems.
  • Unlocking more quests
    At this point, you will have collected most of the bonuses available. So, best now it would be just to pick a slot machine and enjoy your experience.

You’ll complete a couple of quests and, before you know it, you'll be offered 10 million and 20 gems to leave an app review.

Also, if you continue to play, you’ll soon unlock more free casino slot machines at Slots Era. Next is called The Mighty Sword Slot and unlocks at level 13.

By the way, if at any point you don’t like the quest (for example, ‘bet MAX for 17 spins’), just quit and open a new slot. The quest will be different. Whatever you do, play until at least quest 15. Here you will your third 30-second FREE MAX bet round, but this time the Max bet is five million coins.

It’s fantastic.

Slots Era Free Coins via Collections

Slots Era will have a promotions running at all times. These are time-restricted promotions where you must act fast. Some run for a week, some only for 48 hours.

Slots Era Free Coins Collections

What they do have in common is the collections. You can fill your collections by completing quest, and each new unlock will give you free coins.

Don’t worry about collecting the whole set. You probably won’t. Not unless you start purchasing coins. But that’s OK. As you see in the screenshot above, Slots Era provides plenty of big wins even free.

To get more cards, come back to the app daily. You will get more pieces for your collection in addition to other daily rewards.

Best Slots Era Cheats

For the record, Slots Era seems like a very generous casino both during slots, as well as through other features. But there may be a time when you need to use hacks to gain coins fast.

Slots Era Hack

There aren’t many hack tools that are working. Luckily, one of the quickest and easiest Slots Era cheats is here to help.

Visit the coin generator page, enter the required information, select coins, and complete human verification steps.

Slots Era coin generator

However, to use this coin generator you must connect Slots Ear to your Facebook account. When you are asked for your username, enter your Facebook username in the coin hack tool.

Enjoy your free coins!

Should You Play at Slots Era?

If you have played at least at two casinos, you’ll see how Slots Era is different. Instead of roaming freely from slot to slot, you complete quests, daily tasks, and unlock new games.

It’s not for everybody.

But if this style of casino sounds like something you are looking for, Slots Era may be prettiest as well as the most generous social casino you encounter.

The drawbacks? Of course, there are some. Every time you complete a quest, your slot will be stopped. You will be taken to pick a new quest. But while for some these breaks will be an inconvenience, others will probably be thankful for another free coin opportunity.

Every casino has flaws. Slots Era just happens to have very few.

Willy Wonka slots: Free Credits Best Tricks

willy wonka slots free credits

What coins are the best?

Willy Wonka slots' free coins are. Of course!

To help you never run out of coins, we have prepared a useful Willy Wonka slots free credits strategy. Use it and you will have no trouble accumulating 100 million free coins in less than a week. Easy.

How to Start Winning at Willy Wonka

willy wonka slotsPlaying slots on your mobile is a roller-coaster. Just check the App Store reviews. The winners will praise it to be the world's best casino app, while the losers will claim that the casino is tinkering with slots payouts to force players to lose.

None of it is true. Luck is always a big factor. However, your playstyle is the key. Especially at Willy Wonka, where you get millions of coins every couple of hours.

Let's break this down.

  1. You receive 10 million Willy Wonka slots free credits to start.
  2. Add 3.5 million thanks to the garden tutorial (we'll get to it).
  3. You can signup for Loyalty Lounge for another 12 million extra coins. Plus, every time you level up, you get another 350.000 free coins.

With so many coins, why wouldn't you go wild? Maximize all bets, splash here, splash there.

But new levels become harder to reach, new games require you to up your bets. Playing lavishly like every day is your first day is not sustainable.

Those who don't get that end up leaving those angry reviews about rigged casino games.

Do you want to know how to get 11 million+ Willy Wonka slots free coins DAILY?

Here it is.

Running Your Oompa Loompa Garden as SpaceX

You know how other casinos offer hourly bonuses. Willy Wonka slots are doing it differently. In my opinion, they are doing it much better.

In essence, you are managing a free coin farm. The more plants you have, the more coins per second you earn.

Willy Wonka garden

Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa Garden is by far the best coin source you will ever have.

Your earning also is influenced by the type of plants you plant and their level. When you begin, your earning cap will be 3.5 million in Willy Wonka slots free credits (which will take about two hours to fill up), but as you go up the levels, the cap will also grow.

To maximize your earnings, imagine you are running a business. Here’s a simple strategy to follow.

  • Check when your cap fills up and dedicate multiple ‘harvest times' during the day. Between random visits, claiming overnight coins you can easily accumulate 15 million coins in Willy Wonka slots free credit every day.

As the cap grows, earning will only become faster and easier.

  • Plants have names, rarity, and a paytable. Names are long and difficult. Feel free to pay no attention to it. However, rarity and yield are important.

If level 1 plant would produce 20 coins per second, level 2 would increase the output to 24 coins, Level 3 could produce 27, etc. However, even a Level 1 three-star plan grows 30 coins per second.

  • Fill spots with plants ASAP. Any plants.

willy wonka slots chestAs a new player, you will have 4 free spots. Use them all as soon as you can. Later you will draw new plants from chests.

Old plants can be uprooted for higher-tier plants to take their place.

Plant O Matic

Once your high-tier (3-star, 4-star) plants are occupying the spots, what do you do with the lower tier plants? You use Plant-O-Matic (icon on the left).

Here you can use plants you don't need to unlock new chests..

The best strategy is to wait until you have enough plants to unlock the highest tier chest.


Sugar (next to Plant-O-Matic) comes from Chests and gameplay. Its purpose is to speed up coin production on one of your plants.

Here timing is essential. If you are close to leveling up, do that first, then use a Sugar boost.


Follow seasons (around 100 days each). At the end of each season, there will be massive giveaways. Giveaways will depend on many factors including your plants. You don't want to miss it.

More Tips to Win at Willy Wonka Slots

The game is full of surprises. there are so many features you need to discover. So, here we simply made a collection of the best tips to accumulate Willy Wonka slots free credits.


Trophies are rewards for various achievements. Minor milestones (playing your first slot) as well as some big ones. Some of which will ask you to play for a year!

For example, if you play Willy Wonka Slots for 60 days in a row, you get 6 million free coins. Play for 365 days in a row and get 12 million coins.

Tip: Best slots for trophies are Hit it Rich and Wizard of Oz.

Use Perks

With Perks you can redeem special promo codes to claim more Willy Wonka slots free credits.

 willy wonka slots perks


You already know that Loyalty Lounge is worth 12 million coins. Another  9 million can be earned by connecting a Facebook account. Plus, that enables players to share gifts and coins.

Play Low

Minimum is 100,000 per spin. Stay on this level until you have at least 100 million coins.

Explore the worlds

But don't rush it. As you level up, you unlock new games and new worlds. New games are fantastic, but never put your bankroll at risk to get to the games faster. It's not worth it!

Take a break while you earn coins

willy wonka slots free coinsYou are playing Willy Wonka slots because you liked the movie. When you are down on your luck, switch games. Let the Oompa Looma garden grow your free coins while you play Wonka’s World of Candy – Match 3 game.

You know that we only scratched the surface here, right? We haven't even talked about tournaments and so many other unique features. We'll leave it for you to discover.

Enjoy the game and let us know your favorite features.

Cashman Casino Free Coins | Cheats | Hack

Cashman Casino

So, it happened. You lost your bankroll, haven’t you?

You probably don’t even know how it happened. One second you had piles of coins and the next it was all gone.

Relax, it happens to the best of us.

We’ll help you get it back. We promise. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive into the world of Cashman Casino free coins.

New Player Introduction to Cashman Casino

Most of you reading this article will be down-on-their-luck Cashman Casino players. But there will be some who are browsing for a new Casino.

If you an existing player, feel free to skip to the next part while we introduce Cashman Casino to new players. It will only take a second.

New to Cashman Casino?

Cashman Casino Free CoinsLet us be the first ones to welcome you. Cashman is a highly rated Casino and you will have lots of fun hours playing here. No doubt.

Some players complain about graphically-mediocre games. But it’s necessary. The Cashman Casino is set the way it is to give a better impression of a physical Slots machine. That's why at the first glance, most machines look alike.

Give it a few minutes and you will start recognizing the unique features of each game.

As a new player, you will get a ton of free chips to start. To not lose it all in a few minutes, remember the key Cashman Casino rules (listed below).

1. Mr. Cashman is a ‘Smiley face with a top hat’.

There are several Cashman-branded Slots.

We highly recommend looking for these games in the lobby. Especially when you start. That’s because of their payout ratio and exclusive, randomly-activated Cashman features.

Imagine ordering a ‘Chef’s favorite’ at a restaurant. It’s like that.

2. Cashman rewards daily activity.

So, on the days you do play, try to extend your play to collect as many rewards as possible. On your active days Instant (15 min.), Turbo (3 hour) and Daily (24 hour) Rewards get up to 10x multipliers.

In other terms, it’s much better to login nine times on the same day and take a week-long break rather than logging in once for nine days in a row.

3. Be careful when you level up.

Cashman Casino free rewards

When you level up and gain access to new betting levels, Cashman will raise your bet to the maximum available.

You don’t want that.

Lowering the amount will significantly extend your game time.

4. Subscribe and connect to Facebook.

Leaving your email and connecting your Facebook account can be life-savers when you run out of chips.

5. The games are not sorted in any way.

It’s not like the cheapest or the worst ones are on the far left and as you move forward, you get access to better games. Browse the game library freely and find the Slots you like the most.

How to Make Back Your Fortunes in Cashman Casino

Cashman Casino daily jackpotLet’s talk business.

You don’t want to be wasting time on some fake Cashman Casino free coins hack, do you?

Then let’s establish one thing clear. You CANNOT hack an online Casino like Cashman. You can only learn some tricks and use them to grow your bankroll.

That’s what we will be covering next.

Whatever you call them, Cashman Casino cheats, tips, hacks, or simply common sense. The fact is, it works.

Below we're presenting you with three foolproof tips that will take your bankroll from rock bottom to the highs of the Everest.

High Volatility Slots Require Patience

You start playing but notice that the wins are rather small. For example, a Slot machine that requires 10,000 chips for every spin only spits out wins of 1000 and 2000.

That’s OK.

It just means that you are playing a high volatility Slot. The best advice we can give you here is to make up your mind beforehand. Here’s what we mean.

Cashman Casino slots

On an average day, you will need around 40 spins to hit a significant score. Obviously, the number differs depending on luck.

Unless you hit a big score fast, most short sessions on high volatility Slots will drain your bankroll.

You will have to either commit to playing until you hit or not to play that Slot at all.

Unless You Are Ready to Pay for Chips…

Ace of Brains is dedicated to helping you and every other player to play free games. ALWAYS. So, unless you plan on paying for chips, listen up.

NEVER use autoplay.

Cashman Casino surprise bonusIt’s one of the quickest and least satisfactory ways of playing which will drain your bankroll.

Being a free player is not bad. It’s slow and meticulous. It’s a grind. But that makes it fun. Time, patience, consistency. That’s your ammunition. Use it.

You will lose against the Casino every time without it.

Early Access Games

Here’s a fantastic way to get hundreds of thousands of Cashman Casino free coins. Cashman Casino has just introduced early access games with lots of extra prizes.

The only problem is that to gain access, you’ll have to play a lot of Slots. Which means that you can’t use this method if you’re completely out of chips or close to it.

But those who have some chips, can make a lot more from this Cashman Casino free coins hack/tip.

And it's not just about early access games. It's about grabbing new opportunities.

Online Casinos constantly change and evolve. The truth is, they are just testing ways how to make you spend more time at their Casino. Giving away free chips is a big part of that.

Don't let these opportunities slip.

Just like early access games, holiday promotions, new game promotions, and other various giveaways can earn you millions of free chips.

For now, that's mostly it as far as Cashman Casino cheats, tips, and hacks are concerned. If we find any more hacks or tips, we'll let you know.

Have fun at Cashman Casino!

myVegas Slots: How to Get FREE chips | Mobile Codes | Facebook Play

myVegas Slots screenshot

Screenshot of the loading screen taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

After thousands of reviewed Slots, I’ve found a surprisingly interesting Slot app. So, I decided to turn on You Spin me round by Dead or Alive and see what this myVegas Slots app is about… And honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see how MyVegas-Slots work…

You get a lot chips by not only playing/spinning (me round, haha, get it?). MyVegas has insanely huge number of hidden buttons of free chips everywhere. I felt like Sherlock Holmes trying to find all the hints that Moriarty left.

How to Get myVegas Free Chips

1. Download the app

myVegas Free Chips

Screenshot of the myVEGAS App taken by Author from the Google Play, Google Commerce Ltd, 2018.

As soon as you download the app, you get myVegas free chips. That's how I got my first chips. That’s it. They are in your pocket. Try them wherever you want, see how MyVegas works. You’ll discover which Slots you like the most.

2. Play the games

As a beginner, I enjoyed Excalibur Slot. It helped not only to gain a good amount of chips but also bonus spins are amazing! Later you will discover for sure which Slots you enjoy! Everyone has different preference!

3. Level up!

The higher level you reach, the more chips you get. The more you play, the higher level you reach. I’ve tried it, works perfectly. After every level you receive a prize and it's all yours. Spend it wisely.

When you level up, you can unlock new Slots and increase max bet. When I feel that it’s my day, I prefer to go big. But sometimes I enjoy betting small. Keep in mind that different Slots have different min and max bet limits. Pay attention to that.

4. Join myVegas Slots on Facebook

Connect your account to Facebook and get additional 100 000 chips to your account! It’s totally free and it’s a good push for your rewards!

If you connect to Facebook, you can not only send myVegas free chips to your friends but also receive them. You can claim gifts from 15 friends daily.

It’s as simple as that!

5. Check your inbox

In case you are a loner or don’t use Facebook on purpose, don’t forget to check the Inbox.  You can find a pleasant surprise. Yes, sometimes the game creators send you a small gift via email! How cool is that?

6. Complete the Quests

Another way to get some extra chips is Quests! Yes, you get me right, myVegas indeed has quests! What you need to do there is to visit a Slot from the list and do a small task. That’s it!

myVegas level up screenshot

Screenshot of the Level Up taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

7. Claim bonus every four hours

You know what? It’s not even the end of all this good stuff! Every four hours you get myVegas free chips as well! Every… Four… Hours…

Honestly, MyVegas Slots are still a mystery for me. I always can find some places where free chips can be hidden. Discover it and enjoy the Slots there!

And the best thing, you don’t need to deposit ANYTHING to get ALL THIS!

I felt like V.I.P. there.

Convert Your myVegas Free Chips into Loyalty Points!

myVegas next level

Screenshot of the Next Level taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Have you ever dreamed of an amazing dinner somewhere in a fancy restaurant? Or you wanted to book a hotel room and even get a huuuge discount for it?

There is a solution! The more you use myVegas free chips, the more Loyalty points you collect. Loyalty points allow you to get a discount or the whole prize. You can choose from the categories like Rooms, Shows, Restaurants, Night Life, Attractions and etc.

I really appreciate that myVegas has so many categories to offer according to your needs. However, here comes a pro tip. I’ve noticed that the best offers disappear fast. Be quick on your feed and grab the prize that you desire!

In case you don’t know where to see your Loyalty Points, here is some help for you. You will see a little coin in the left corner that turns to gold after enough spinning and then awards you with the Loyalty points.

Claim myVegas Slots Promo Codes Every Day!

myVegas slots free rewards

Screenshot of the Free Rewards taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Indeed, you got me right. You can claim MyVegas codes every day and get even more free chips.

Seriously, I feel like overusing ‘free chips’ phrase but they have that many free things.

So, don’t hesitate to use MyVegas mobile codes and claim your rewards!

This experience of codes was amazing for me. You get a code every single day. Honestly, I think that promo codes make this app even more special besides all the rest of free advantages it has.

And That’s Not the End Yet…


Screenshot of the High Roller Room taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

Yes, MyVegas is full of surprises (as far as you can see). It took me a while to figure out that they have this pretty cool VIP status.

As soon as you join MyVegas Slots, you automatically become VIP with all the benefits for a week or so. It’s quite handy to have VIP status because it includes bigger multiplier, bigger hourly bonus, and bigger chip package bonus. Basically, everything is bigger when you’re VIP.

And most importantly, once you try VIP, you can decide if you want to continue it in the future.

The interesting thing about the app is that somehow the ranks are the names of gemstones. You start as a Turquoise but if you level up, you can reach Tanzanite level (which has insane benefits, check it yourself).


I know, I know! I’ve said so many things about myVegas already Some things are great, other things are just usual like in other Slots apps. Honestly, I think it’s worth checking myVegas Slots out because it brings some great benefits for you.

myVEGAS Slots surprises

Screenshot of the Pick 3 taken by Author from the MyVegas Slots App, PLAYSTUDIOS, 2018.

The worst thing is that I am still not sure if I managed to find all the ways to get MyVegas free chips. Let’s see if creators are not messing with my head and I managed to find all the possible ways. If not, feel free to share it with the rest of the world.

Sharing is caring, my friends!

Bam! And now you can also play You Spin Me Round song on the laptop or phone, get as many free chips as you can find, and enjoy the game!

Scatter Slots: All You Need to Know Before You Play

Scatter Slots
I have two ideas. Two teams. Two schools of thought. And I really want to know what you think about it.

Some Casino players are sure that the Casino is key. As long as the Casino they play at is a top-rated brand, nothing else matters.

The second team is the ‘free spins, promotions and rewards’ team. They tend to forgive the Casino minor imperfections as long as the offers keep rolling in.

Which side are you on?

Scatter Slots Spin Wild ArrowThe reason why we are explaining all of this is Scatter Slots. Based on the reviews on the Google Play store, it’s an imperfect Casino. For a bit we were even hesitant to install and make this Scatter Slots review.

And yet, with almost 20 million players they are one of the most popular Casinos in the world.

What’s up with that?

We decided to find out more.

If you are also looking for more information on Scatter Slots or Scatter Slots Era, check out what we discovered.

About This Content: 

Scatter Slots Review, Availability, and Rating
Scatter Slots Gameplay
Should You Play Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots Review, Availability, and Rating

Scatter Slots is a product of Murka Entertainment, a company with several high-ranking gaming apps like Scatter Texas Hold’em and Scatter Era (we will get to that later). Clearly, they know what they are doing.

On the App Store as well as Google Play Store, Scatter Slots app has a respectable 4.6 rating.

On the plus side, the app weighs 300 Mb when you first install it and doesn’t bloat 3 times its size (like some of the competitor casinos).

Scatter Slots Gameplay

You can experience Scatter Slots as you would a regular Casino. But it’s not why it was built. And you’ll see this in the first walkthrough.

Scatter Slots is taking you by the hand from the very first step.

Scatter Slots

First Mission

Your first mission is to spin a Slot 30 times. You can’t change the 40,000 per spin bet size but with 12.000.000 in the bank that should not be a problem.

You will also notice a progress bar fill up. This is your progress bar for the current mission.

Scatter Slots

As soon as the bar fills up, you get coins and Gems as your rewards.

Scatter Slots rewardsWhen you finish one mission, the other will commence. You will have to make 10 spins with a max bet (80,000 per spin).

Here’s something to note. At Scatter Slots your Slots bet will often be automatically set to the maximum (200,000 when 80,000 and 40,000 are available).

Remember, you have no incentive to up the stakes early.

If you can, always lower your bet to increase the number of spins you have. It will help you keep a healthy bankroll and extend your chance of winning a humongous jackpot down the line.

After you complete the daily mission, you can go back and browse around the Quest Map. While you’re at it, check out the Daily Challenges.

Daily Challenge Task Complete

From the home page (Map icon on the top left corner) you can access the Bonus room (bottom center). You will find hourly bonuses and all of the challenges for the day and the grand reward for completing ANY five on that list. It’s not a hard task and 2.5000.000, Gems and upgrades are worth the effort. Especially when you are on the lower levels of the game.

Well, we don’t want to give away too many surprises. So, we will stop the walkthrough right here.

But let’s just say that the third mission is really, really cool.

Free Coins Through Facebook

If you ever run out of coins, you can always top up for free! Connecting your Facebook account will get you 6 million coins!

Scatter Slots facebook

Should You Play Scatter Slots?

The casino has its flaws. Like always encouraging you to bet the max (which is not in your best interest). Or cheesy, over-the-top, half-naked mystery ladies.

But it gets better. In a couple of hours of gameplay, you will unlock some great Slots. And there are a lot of Scatter Slots free coins available. If you use opportunities presented to you, you’ll have 30 million coins EASY.

If you like the games but not the style, you may want to try Scatter Slots Era. It’s a similar experience to the original Scatter, but you may find Scatter Era less of an adventure game and more like a real casino.